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May 14 2014


How To Avoid Workout Burnout

On days when you don't make it to the gym, a long walk during your lunch break or a relaxing stretching session at home will help you stick with a program. Try a new class: Have you main page been holding out on trying a hybrid workout or heading to a new studio in town? Now is the time! Schedule a date with active friends to make the workout even more fun. When you find a workout that you truly enjoy, it makes planning workouts a breeze, but you have to shop around until you find the workout that's "the one." Get outside: Changing up the location of your workout can make all the difference in your attitude. visit this page Hitting the treadmill and weight room at the gym may have been your routine during the colder months, but spend time sweating outside in the Spring sunshine! Go for a trail run, move through this playground circuit workout , or roll out your yoga mat in the [read] park for a few rounds of Sun Salutations. Sign up for a race: If you've toyed with the idea of running a race, then make the commitment to yourself and sign up today. Whether it's your first 5K or a half-marathon, challenging yourself with a new goal can reinvigorate your relationship with fitness.
More http://www.fitsugar.com/How-Avoid-Workout-Burnout-34766476

March 26 2014


Intel Bought A Wearable Fitness Band Company For A Reported $100 Million

more? info? width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Intel just announced that it has completed its acquisition of Basis Science. It didn't disclose the financials behind the deal, but according to TechCrunch , Intel paid about $100 million. Basis Science is the creator behind the Basis B1 fitness band, a wristband that's capable of capturing heart rate patterns, max workouts sleep stages, motion, and burned calories, among other stats. Intel says the acquisition is part of an effort to expand its expertise in the wearable device category. Rather than branding products under its own name, Intel says it plans to create wearable reference designs, chipsets, and other technology to be used by its customers in the development of wearable gadgets. At CES 2014, Intel showcased a few wearable reference designs, including a pair of smart earbuds that can urge its wearer to keep exercising along with a smartwatch prototype. max workouts Intel expressed interest in the wearable display category as well when it invested in Recon Instruments, creator of the Jet sports-oriented smart eyewear, in September of last year. Basis products will continue to be sold through the company's current retail channels, and TechCrunch reports that the fitness tracker creator had previously been in talks with Google, Apple, Samsung, and possibly Microsoft before inking the deal with Intel.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/intel-acquires-basis-science-2014-3

February 16 2014


Bodybuilding.com To Join Buyseasons In New Berlin, Create 80 Jobs

Dev Mukherjee at costume retailer BuySeasons is getting a new neighbor at the companycheck it out more meat on their bones than his seatmates seen here.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Bodybuilding.com officials were not available for comment. Raquel Krol , vice president of human resources for Bodybuilding.com, announced the new distribution center during a Waukesha County Economic Development fitness Corp. meeting last month, according to the organization. Bill Mitchell , Waukesha County Economic Development Corp. executive director, said the company plans to start operations next month. It joins a broader trend of ecommerce companies, including Amazon.com , expanding or moving into the area, Mitchell said.
More http://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/blog/real_estate/2014/02/bodybuildingcom-to-join-buyseasons-in.html

January 31 2014


4 Top Weight Loss Scams Of The Year (so Far)

1) HCG Diet Direct The HCG diet was the most common scam that my friends and neighbors fell for last year. We even had doctors selling this fraud. The pitch was that there was a read hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) from human placenta that would boost your metabolism. You either got a shot (made it seem very medical) or put a few drops of it under your tongue. They claimed it would reduce your appetite, reset your metabolism and help you lose a pound a day. For a lot of us fitness who have tried and failed so many times, this promise of magic weight loss by medical sounding people was just too tempting to pass up, even though we knew better, with sources like WebMD debunking it.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/william-anderson-ma-lmhc/weight-loss-scams_b_4590533.html

January 22 2014


Brooklyn Nets? And New York Knicks? Battle For Nyc Will Become Nba?s Greatest Rivalry

On Monday, these two teams met in MSG. The Nets went on to win the battle 103-80, but they are in a war that has no end. The Knicks own a blowout victory over the Nets already thrashing them by 30 points in Brooklyn last month. It is no surprise that hyperlink each of these franchises best games came against one another. It shows just how deep this rivalry Max Workout runs. It may take some time, but these teams will get themselves going in the right direction, making their battles more relevant. The Nets have started to turn the corner, going 7-1 so far in the month of January. The Knicks need a little more time after losing their last four games following a five-game winning streak.
Source: http://www.rantsports.com/nba/2014/01/21/brooklyn-nets-and-new-york-knicks-battle-for-nyc-will-become-nbas-greatest-rivalry/

January 12 2014


Blundering Hospital Exposed By Mail On Sunday Accused Of 'failing To Protect The Safety And Welfare Of Patients' By Watchdog

Blunders: The Care Quality Commission has criticised failings at Wexham <a href=official site Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Delivering a damning verdict, CQC inspectors, who made an unannounced four-day visit to the hospital, also said staff complained of bullying by managers and felt they could not raise concerns about standards. Blunders: The Care Quality Commission has criticised failings at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire In addition, they found short-staffed wards and evidence of poor record keeping. Poor standards of cleanliness and inadequate infection control were highlighted and the inspectors said patients privacy and dignity were not always respected. He's not getting clean! Man, 51, 'stole 12 bottles of hand sanitizer from a hospital to mix with orange juice cocktails' twitter Damning: How The Mail on Sunday revealed a report detailing medical blunders dating back 14 years The CQC plans more inspections at Wexham Park, which serves more than 440,000 people, and a spokeswoman said it could impose fines if standards stayed low. The latest verdict on the hospital follows this newspapers expose of a secret report commissioned by hospital bosses into claims of medical blunders and feuding consultants dating back 14 years.
More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2537853/Blundering-hospital-exposed-Mail-Sunday-accused-failing-protect-safety-welfare-patients-watchdog.html

January 10 2014


Just 1 In 4 Young Teens Meet Us Fitness Guidelines

Hotel Suite of the Week: Royal Suite at The Goring Hotel Overweight girls were slightly less active than normal-weight girls, but levels were similar among overweight and normal-weight boys. "It's definitely very concerning to see that our kids are engaging in such a limited amount of physical activity each day when we are still battling" an obesity epidemic, said Dr. Stephen Pont, an Austin, Texas, pediatrician and chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' section on obesity. Data suggest obesity may have decreased slightly among some kids but the overall rate for children aged 2 to 19 is 17 percent, or about 12.5 million obese kids. Pont said schools can do more to help by not cutting recess and giving kids more time for physical activity. He said research suggests kids who get physical fitness education at school may do better academically. Recent national data on kids' fitness levels is limited. A 2009-10 CDC survey involving kids ages 6 to 11 found about 70 percent met the physical activity guidelines, workout although levels dropped off among older kids in that age group.
Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/young-teens-meet-us-fitness-guidelines-21456849

January 08 2014


Exercise Helps, Even A Little, At Any Age

Jeanne Erdmann I called our family doctor, who sent Mom for a full day of cardiac testing. One test required her to walk on a treadmill. The staff hovered, worried that she'd lose her balance. Jeanne Erdmann's mom started working with a trainer at age 85. She walks in pain every day, but she goes to the gym anyway.(Washington Post / Jeanne Erdmann) read more The attention was unwarranted. She easily kept up and even had enough breath to inform her attendants: "You know, I work out with a personal trainer every week." She still does. Mom has always valued exercise, and I'm convinced -- along with her doctors, backed link by a strong body of research -- that her longtime habit has slowed her decline and kept her in generally good health. (That pain in her arm turned out to be nothing.) Exercise is "the best medicine no one wants to do," says Ronan Factora, a gerontologist at the Cleveland Clinic.
Full story http://health.heraldtribune.com/2014/01/07/exercise-helps-even-a-little-at-any-age/

December 31 2013


Exercise The Options: New Gyms In D.c. In 2014

And even more places are readying for 2014 openings. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20131210075850AAEwImp Lace up your sneakers for this quick rundown. Debuts: Toolbox (1627 Connecticut Ave. NW;202-664-3808, thetoolboxdc.com ), which opened this fall, is billed as the true mind & body studio: The rehabbed Dupont Circle carriage house holds both an art gallery and fitness classes, with a specialty in Pilates. Orangetheory Fitness (13063 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax; 703-961-8985, orangetheoryfitness.com ), an import from Florida, opened this location this month. Forty more are planned for the area. (Next up: Gaithersburg, Md.) Exercisers chart progress during the group workouts with heart rate monitors.
Full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/express/wp/2013/12/31/exercise-the-options-new-gyms-in-d-c-in-2014/

December 10 2013


Regular Exercise Could Boost Creativity

For the first part of the test, the participants had to think of alternate uses for a pen and write them down. Then, fitness program the participants were presented with a series of three words and asked to find the link that connected them (for instance, "long" connects the words "time," "hair" and "stretch"). Researchers found that the regular exercisers did better on the second task compared with those who didn't regularly exercise. continue Past research has identified other unlikely factors that seem to be associated with creativity. Messiness, for instance, has been tied to innovation and willingness to try new things in a Psychological Science study published earlier this year. Being bored at work could also spur creativity by providing more daydreaming time, Max Workouts researchers from University of Central Lancashire found.
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/09/exercise-creativity-physical-activity_n_4394310.html

December 02 2013


Secret Sacrifices Of Entrants In Bodybuilding Competitions

The Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) takes a nap. You don Other builders complain of thigh chafing , because their legs rub against each other when they walk. A Tumblr devoted to bodybuilding problems lists a series redirected of less-serious complaints. "I can't wear my favourite shirt anymore - because of my HUGE GAINS," crows one meme. "Woke up too late today - now my meal schedule is ruined," goes another. You get the idea. The Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) takes a nap. http://www.rmartshow.com/31-workout-routines-you-can-do-at-residence/
Full story: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/secret-sacrifices-of-entrants-in-bodybuilding-competitions/story-fneuz9ev-1226770556279

November 19 2013


Warning! This Diet-inducing Image Will Gross You Out!

2013.11.16 fat vs. muscle And trying to implement the newest fad diet or tracking down black market diet pills seems to be a full time job for some of us. That is why here at RocketNews24, we have worked hard to find the most shocking, disgusting image that will make you immediately lose your taste for fast food, carbs, sugar, fat and anything else that tastes too good. You have probably heard that muscle weighs more than fat. While technically, a kilogram of fat weighs the exact same as a kilogram of muscle, the difference is in the density. Muscle is much denser than fat, meaning that fat takes up more space in your body. But it is hard to imagine exactly what that difference looks like. That is why Twitter user Yurarimama posted this picture to show what 2kg of muscle and 2kg of fat looks like. Dont panic, but that is in your body right now Although we are not dietitians, nutritionists, doctors or anyone capable of giving professional blog url medical advice, it is safe to say that the above image may help you when choosing between French fries or a kale quinoa salad. After seeing this image, many Japanese netizens were horrified and vowed to eat better and exercise more. Here are some of their responses, including some go who did not quite get the concept of muscle mass vs.
Full story: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/11/18/warning-this-diet-inducing-image-will-gross-you-out/

November 17 2013


Chocolate Milk After Workouts Helps Recovery, Best Chocolate Milk Recipe

Scientists challenge safety of GMOs 15, 2013 that this kid favorite is ideal for recovery after a workout, because it has the right balance of protein and carbohydrates that the body needs to get back into balance. Chocolate chip zucchini bread from scratch Why Chocolate Milk is Good for You The protein in chocolate milk helps repair and rebuild the tissues after a workout. The carbs replenish the energy that the body expended during the workout. The scientists at Baylor recommend that people drink chocolate milk as a recovery drink right after a workout and then again two hours later. Chocolate milk after workouts is not recommended, however, for people who have upcoming competitions as well workout as for those who cannot drink or eat dairy products.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/chocolate-milk-after-workouts-helps-recovery-best-chocolate-milk-recipe

November 10 2013


Is Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Cheating On Her? Former 'teen Mom' Asks Fans For Advice

Farrah Abraham

Pucker Up! Jenelle Evans Slams Farrah Abraham?s New Lip Injections

jenelle-evans-farrah-abraham ... Or would you just say 'that's shady, goodbye, it's disgusting, Farrah you're gross'? Or are you hurt?" Of course, the 22-year-old mother of one doesn't call out DJ Brian Dawe by name, so she might just be curious. Or, you know... WATCH: (Photo by G.
More http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/02/farrah-abraham-boyfriend_n_4203985.html

Farrah Abraham is getting slammed by another surgically enhanced MTV star after she debuted a fuller, very swollen pout in her latest Keek video , RadarOnline.com has learned. Not long after posting the online video, fellow Teen Mom http://www.business-government.com/activity/p/9261/ star Jenelle Evans took to Twitter to mock the XXX-stars new lip injections. Im sorry, but I cant see Farrahs teeth original site anymore when she talks, can you? Evans tweeted on November 5. And she just got her teeth done! Evans didnt stop there, slamming the Backdoor Teen Mom for repeatedly going under the knife.
More http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/11/jenelle-evans-farrah-abraham-teen-mom-slams-lip-injections/

Farrah Abraham Enters Rehab Program for Alcohol Abuse

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham She plans to receive treatment for alcohol abuse. The single mother of one will undergo 10 days of intensive counseling at The Lukens Institute, beginning Monday, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. "Missing my Boo Boo, but happy to get treatment in a great place :) #GoodTimesAhead," Farrah tweeted today . NEWS: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham getting her own reality show The 22-year-old star was arrested in March for DUI .
More http://www.eonline.com/news/435311/farrah-abraham-enters-rehab-program-for-alcohol-abuse

November 09 2013


Kim Kardashian In Fall 2013 White Trend

Kris Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian's Sexy Selfie, Kanye West's Proposal & Her Relationship With Bruce

Kardashian completed the look with pair of black ankle strap heels which were finished with chunky gold hardware. The new mom sported her signature bronze glow and added a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Kardashians newly blonde hair was worn down with a deep side part and voluminous waves that cascaded neatly over one shoulder. The starlets makeup was kept simple with a shimmering smoky eye and a nude gloss on the lips. Kardashians jewels were understated but certainly not without notice.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-fall-2013-white-trend

Style 101: What are the top Fall/Winter Fashion trends for 2013? She sported trainers, a long-sleeved top and leggings. The reality star appeared make-up free for the outing. The rapper wore a grey hoodie and black shorts and white sneakers. So far, the couple has only shared two photos of North, with the first reveal being on Kris Jenner's talk show in August. Kardashian uploaded the second official photo of the baby girl wrapped in a blanket on her Instagram page last month. Kanye appears to be enjoying a break from his Yeezus tour, which gives him more time to spend with his family. A source close to the rapper said he thinks his daughter is a genius already. "She'll grab things and have this weird look on her face when she's holding whatever object is in her hand," a source told HollywoodLife.com .
Full story: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/28656/20131108/kim-kardashian-baby-north-west-new-photos-revealed-of-family-outing-with-fiance-kanye-west.htm

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian sue YouTube founder for leaked proposal footage

"I thought that was a beautiful shot and I think that what she's saying is she got so much flack for gaining weight while she was pregnantwhen I was pregnant I gained a lot of weightand it hurts when somebody says something ugly to you when you're carrying a baby and that's just how your body does it," Kris said. "So for her to have done that and lost all that weight, she looks like my baby. She lost a lot of weight and she's looking good so I'm proud of her." PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's post-pregnancy style Twitter Next, of course, was the blowout proposal to Kim from her beau Kanye West . Kris was the only person who knew what was going down, since the rapper asked for her persmission before getting down on one knee.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478848/kris-jenner-talks-kim-kardashian-s-sexy-selfie-kanye-west-s-proposal-her-relationship-with-bruce

Kim Kardashian, Baby North West New PHOTOS Revealed of Family Outing With Fiance Kanye West

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills struggled with how to address the suicide of Russell Armstrong , the husband of one of the featured socialites. And who can forget Tareq and Michaele Salahi, whose state dinner crash derailed the first and only season of the Real Housewives of D.C. And as much as they try, the Kardashians have a hard time keeping their private lives under wraps: Kim is reportedly furious with ex-husband Kris Humphries for revealing that his proposal was re-staged because she didnt like how she looked; mom Kris was not thrilled with the pregnancy and name announcements. West and Kardashian probably have a case against Hurley because he, like all the guests at the engagement party, was forced to sign a confidentially agreement when he showed up at the park. The billionaire wasnt personally invited; he tagged along with one of the other guests and was only allowed to stay after signing the document promising not to breathe a word about it. Lawyers for West and Kardashian claim he taped and then released the footage to promote MixBit, his new start-up.
Full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2013/11/04/kanye-west-kim

October 26 2013


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